Ibrahim Jalal is born in Syria on the 8th of December 1947 in a house filled with colourfull patchworks and tapestries, the work of a father who worked as a weaver.

In 1969 he began studying drawing and painting techniques, the practice of drawing after the living model at the Damas University of The Arts. He graduates with honours in 1973, leaves Syria and joins Paris the same year.

In 1974 he is a registered student of the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris, in the Gustave Singier’s atelier (Gustave Singier is a painter belonging to the abstract current of the “School of Paris” group of painters). Under his patronage, Ibrahim Jalal graduates with honours, being appraised for his abstract paintings, inspired by the colours, the spirit and shapes of the Syrian craft.

Since then, he lives and works in the Paris area.

Ibrahim Jalal’s

Personnel Exhibitions :

2020-galerie l’éphémère á chartre-sur-loir,France

2019 -galleri amare ,stavanger ,Norway   

 2018-Open workshop exhibition  –TORCY 

  2017-galleri Athene , Drammen Norway

  2017- Gray  gallery space in Lauzane Suisse 

2017-conservatoire  of Saint Laurent de Grandvaux, Jura France   

2016 -Peniche Atys Open workshop exhibition  –TORCY   

2015- Gallery Amare, Stavanger, Norway 

2015Open workshop exhibition  –TORCY

2014- City Center Gallery, Takamatsu, Japan,

2014- Réalités Nouvelles, National Muséum Pékin, China 

2013- Gallery Athene ,Drammen,Norway

2013- Péniche Atys, on the Marne river, Paris area, France 

2013-Europia Gallery Paris, France,

2013- Gallery 8, London, United Kingdom 

2013- Ashley’s Studio, Ivry, France,

2012- Open workshop exhibition  –Torcy France 

2012-Europia Gallery Paris, France,

2012-Court Yard Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2011-Frida Hansen Hus, Stavanger, Norway,

2010- Exhibition at Kunstforening – the work of three months artist residency, Stavanger, Norway

2010- Rafia Gallery, Damascus, Syria 

2009-Free Expressions Gallery, Paris, France 

2009-Centre Culturel Franco – Norwegian, Stavanger, Norway 

2008- Fine Arts Gallery Crous, Paris, France 

2008- Paris – Damascus Exhibition at the Institute of the Arab World, Paris, France 

2007&2008- Gallery Schröder Isenburg, Germany

2005- “La Gallery”, Luxembourg 

 2005-Royal Hotel, Luxembourg 

2004 and 2005- Gallery Schröder Isenburg, Germany 

2002- Honor Guest of Salon Bussy St Martin, France 

 2001-Honor Guest at the 21st Salon d’Automne in Pontault-Combault, France 

2000-Beneteau space, Paris, France, 

2000-Buridan House, private exhibition, Paris, France,   

1998- Galerie Claude Leman, Paris, France,

 1998-Gallery Arabesques, Heidelberg, Germany,

1997- National Conservatory of Music, Oslo, Norway 

1993- Gallery Norestraen, Sandnes, Norway 

1989- Sinden Gallery, New York, USA 

1989- Arden Gallery, Boston, USA 

 1985- Markstatte, Konstanz, Germany 

 1975- Fine Arts Crous Gallery,Paris, France

1972- My first exhibition: University of Damascus, Syria